On September 26, St. Paul VI Parish celebrated our Patron's Feast Day.

We also installed our founding Pastor, Fr. Tom May.

We prepared for this joyous celebration with a Novena.

We also took this time of prayer to learn more about our patron from Dr. Geraldine Rohling.

Please follow the links below to find these joyous occasions.


Link to September 26, 2021; St. Paul VI Feast Day Mass:

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdf57dmoCWJRjNzcJIW5uhQ/featured (St. Mary YouTube)


Link to St. Paul VI Novena; September 17-25, 2021:

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc5uLK07d-SRKb-TaMJHuHg (Mater Christi YouTube)

Link to the Landing page of our New Parish
Link to Mater Christi Website: www.materchristichurch.org
Link to St. Mary Website: www.stmaryriverside.org


Saint Hugh of Grenoble 1052 – 1113

He was named a bishop at age 27. In time of famine he sold his Episcopal ring in order to aid the poor. Assisted Saint Bruno in founding the Carthusians. 

Feast: April 1. 

"St. Hugh Parish is called by God to live, teach and serve as Jesus did."  The parish exists to enable all its members, both young and old, to deepen their relationship with God and to help others both within the parish and in the world to draw closer to God and one another, thus becoming a community of believers living the Gospel message.